So, you want to learn how to sing!

You may be starting from the beginning and have no idea what a singing lesson is all about. You are about to find out that singing is something that is completely in your control.


Can anybody sing?

If I had a dime for the amount of times I heard that question…

The easy answer is yes. The more in depth answer is not everybody is going to be able to do it as easily as others. If it is something you love to do then all the work will be worth it and even enjoyable. Yes I did say work. Learning to sing is a bit of work and there isn’t a way to cheat but anybody can do it!

But I am tone deaf!

A lot of people categorize themselves as being tone deaf and state they are a lost cause. These people recognize they don’t have a natural ability but it does not mean they cannot develop an ear for hearing melodies and the muscle control to create them. Most people who have pitch problems simply just don’t know how to use their muscles to help direct the pitch. Instead people use their throat or chest to try and force out notes damaging their vocals in the process.

So how do I start?

So, to start off now that we have established that anyone can learn to sing my focus is going to be teaching you how to control your instrument and use it in a natural and safe way. The important thing to know is that in singing there really are no cutting corners. If you don’t know how to do the basics you won’t be able to do the more detailed things. Most likely the detailed things are going wrong because you don’t have your basics in the first place. So, first line of business is learn your basics! Breathing, Placement, and Facial muscles all work together to produce safe and quality sound. Having at least a basic understanding and ability to use these functions is required to proceed to anything beyond. Otherwise you risk hurting your voice and creating more bad habits.

Ok now I know the basics when do I get to sing?

Everything that you learn here is going to be directly applicable to singing. You can start practicing these techniques to easy songs as soon as you’re able to think about your muscles and sing at the same time. It takes practice but if you start out simple your muscles will start to remember how to do it and you won’t have to think so hard!

What else do I need to know?

Next move once you have learned the basics is to start learning everything else. At this point order doesn’t matter much. It is really up to you whether you want to get pickier or work on more general vocal techniques. For the purpose of appeasing the general crowd we will cover some of more impactful vocal techniques to know. Dynamics, Soft Pallet Control, Mixing, Style, and Diction. All of these things will help strengthen you as a singer but you always have to return to the basics and make sure those are in line.

From there you start to learn more detailed things like how to do runs, using your falsetto, and belting.